Chris Ormiston - Creator of Social Oxygen

Chris Ormiston – Creator of Social Oxygen

A note from the developer of Social Oxygen

In 2006 our company had about 50-60 clients that we were doing all sorts of marketing including social media. The problem is that we could never be profitable in helping companies with their social media. But we knew it was super important for them to do this.

Social Media was just too time-consuming and we figured we would have to charge over $2,000 for just the social media. Because of the nature of the types of businesses we serviced, this simply wasn’t an option for these small businesses.

Social Media projects were taking us a little over 16 hours per project to write the social media posts, get them approved, schedule them one by one into some social media software, and then check to make sure everything was posted properly.

After we paid our employees for 16 hours of work, it was pretty much a break-even for our company with very little profit. To survive as a company we either needed to charge more or do less. We refused to cut corners on our work, so we were left with only one option, or so we thought.

Our social media manager approached us and said: “If I could get one piece of software that did the work of the 3 that we are currently using, I would save a lot of time”. So, after a series of bad experiences with our current software that we were using, we decided to invest in building our own software. Despite the fact it took three times as long as expected and cost four times as much, we finally got this done, and despite all the ups-and-downs, this was a huge success for our team.

We have been able to reduce the 16 hours of work and reduce it to less than two hours a month for each project in most cases. As a company, we went from 12% profitability up to over 80% profitable and we are now able to scale in ways we never dreamed of. All with the same number of staff we started with.

Not only is our production higher than ever, but our employees are more satisfied with their jobs because they are able to spend more time going over strategies and things that are most important to the business. Not only that, our customers are way happier because we can focus more on them, instead of keeping our noses in all the mundane details of the project.

Social Oxygen has been a huge breakthrough for our company and I know it can be a game-changer for you if you serve small to mid-sized businesses, franchises, or if you serve a certain vertical market.