Pricing Details

This pricing is based on some tremendous value.  We are not only focused on building good software, but also tools and processes to help you grow your business or agency.  We have designed a low price offer to provide a ton of valuable marketing and promotional materials to really help you launch your tired social media sales.  For the first time ever, you can scale this business easily and be profitable!

You are on your way to becoming a social media superhero!

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What You Get!

Items Description Quantity Market Value
Projects These are projects you can use for your own business, and for clients.  These can also be used for franchise locations if you have multiple locations and multiple social media sites for them. 3 $30.00
Pre-Written Content Each piece of content has been written for Twitter, and all the other 9 social media channels.  Each has a royalty free image included and are loaded with great content and personalized with short codes to personalize it for yourself and your clients. 4500+ $4,825
Social Media  Content Categories The Pre-Written Content is organized into 33 different categories (More added each month) to help you stay organized and apply them to just the right projects. 150 N/A
Professional Sales Help Our professional sales staff will help you close social marketing deals with you.  You have access to our sales calendar so you can schedule us anytime you need.  We close your leads! 1 $250
Custom Content Approval One of the most difficult things to manage is getting content approved a month ahead of time so the publishing can happen at the prescribed times.  We handle all this for you with every custom content subscription. 1 $250
Sales Email Swipes An expert in sales has created these email swipes for us to help us sell social media services.  You now have these for yourself to help you grow your social media services. 10 $150
Pre-Built Social Media Facebook Campaign Take advantage of our in-house Facebook marketing professional Tedd who has built you a Facebook campaign complete with images, headline, text, and news feed descriptions. 1 $250
Pre-Built Display Advertising banner We have built a couple of sets of display advertising banners to help you with retargeting, or display advertising for your social media services to potential businesses.  These banners are amazing and we also provide the photoshop originals so you can tweak them to your heart’s delight.  Cool eh? 4 $300
Pre-Built PPC Campaign and Ads

Our in-house PPC expert has built a set of ads you can use for a local or national PPC Campaign to help you sell your social media / social marketing services to companies looking for this service.

We also provide you with a professionally researched keyword list that we have used to do our own marketing on Google Adwords and Bing Adwords.

1 $500
Sales Training and Videos Andy Kelly a long time local marketing and social media veteran has created this Social Marketing University with some incredible ideas, insights, downloads, and all the skills you will need to find and close new social media business. 1 $450
Items Description Quantity Market Value:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this social media content you provide for all paid accounts?

We have created over 1,000 pieces of social media content that you can jump right in and use for your projects.  We add more all the time for different vertical markets, holidays, quotes of the day, etc…  These can all be used together for yourself and your clients to get a good fast jump start on your social media campaigns.

This content is categorized into 33 different categories (as of October 2017) to help you stay ultra-organized and can be used to populate your marketing calendars with just a quick drag and drop.

Here are a few of the categories in the system at this time (these are just a short sample):

Vertical Markets:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local / Digital Marketing
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction/Concrete
  • Dentists
  • Pest Control
  • Roofing
  • Sales Training
  • and more …


  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial day
  • New Year (2018)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Happy Holidays (general)
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • Anzac Day (Australia)
  • and more …

Specialty Categories:

  • Happy Monday
  • Happy Friday
  • Quote of the day (QOTD)



What is this “Pre-built Facebook Campaign” you are offering?

Ha! Glad you asked!  This is a group of ads that consist of a marketing image for your social media services, the headline, text, and news feed link description ideas for a series of ads you can use for a professional Facebook marketing campaign, post on your own website.

We also provide a step by step setup for building a well optimized campaign from Tedd, one of our staff Facebook marketing experts.   (The dude is a genus when it comes to Facebook).

This can really get you off to a great start for some social media marketing of your own and is intended to get leads that you can sell social media marketing to.

How many projects do I get for this price?

You will receive 4 projects for this price.  These projects will be billed at the normal rate for the “under 10” price breakdown of $10/mo/project.  You can add additional projects at any quantity anytime after you get into the software.

What are the “Pre-Built PPC Campaign and Ads” in this offer?

Our in-house PPC expert has built a set of ads you can use for a local or national PPC Campaign to help you sell your social media / social marketing services to companies looking for this service.

We also provide you with a professionally researched keyword list that we have used to do our own marketing on Google Adwords and Bing Adwords.

What do you mean when you say you will get our content approved for us?

If you order custom content from our team, after we write this, we place this into a special category in your system that you can access anytime and use for your clients. When we complete the next month’s content, we go ahead and send out a request to either yourself, or your client (your choice) to approve this content.   This can be a great time saver and sometimes save your  butt in case you forget to do this.

This is a very important step in the content creation and publishing process.   For instance, if the content is written but never approved, it will never publish (doh!).  So by us initiating this it follows the normal process of allowing you (or your client) to review this for 15 days.

Once this time period is up one of two things happen.

  1. If the content was not approved (or rejected), all the content will be automatically approved by default as to keep the social media campaigns moving forward.
  2. If you miss this window of approval but the content has not posted yet, you are still able to edit, or delete any content you wish.  Once the content is published, you are no longer able to edit or delete this in the system as to maintain the integrity of the post content within our system and on the social media channel.
  3. If you have approved, edited, or rejected any content, you are ready to rumble!  Publishing will happen the following month according to the publishing calendar you have selected for that project.

The whole idea behind this is a “Set and forget” process where you can have custom content written for you, approved by your client, and published without you having to lift a finger.

Do i have to get these offers, even if I don’t want them?

If you are purchasing during our special launch promotion for agencies, this is our only option at this time.  Once this promotion is over, it will be over for good, and the pricing will then drop down to it’s normal levels and will not include these amazing deals for agencies.

Why do you give these social media makeovers away for free?

It’s really not free, this cost is included with your monthly subscription.  But we are also motivated to help you grow your social marketing business because when you grow, we grow.  It’s a win-win!

So, you will help us close deals?

That’s right!  One thing we have learned over the 12 years we have been doing social media marketing, is that not all agencies have solid sales teams, or the skills needed to sell social media marketing.  They will often have an expertise in paid search, display advertising, SEO, or other types of marketing, but when it comes to social media marketing, it’s just not something that has been a priority for them.

So, what we offer is to have a social media manager (or company owner) on the phone with you during your sales presentation.  You can introduce us as your social media expert, social media manager, or project manager over social media (or whatever you want…we don’t care).  You are welcome to say we work for you, or anything that makes you feel comfortable.  We will never talk pricing (as you will need to set your own pricing models), but will be available to sell your client on the power and validity of social marketing for their business.   This is not just fluff!  If this is done properly, when potential customers check them out, they will get a strong marketing message and compel them to visit the website to learn more and potentially buy their product or service.

How is this done?

We provide you with a link to our sales calendar and you can just click that link anytime day or night.  This will show you the open slots we have available to join in a meeting with you and your potential client.  We typically expect to meet with you10-15 minutes before the meeting to get the “lo-down” from you, so we can get the proper expectations, learn about your client more, and understand what you want from us.

Then, when it’s our turn….stand back to be WOW’d as we go through explaining how they have been totally missing out on some amazing opportunities by not doing their social media properly (or at all).  They simply won’t be able to say no to your social marketing offer because they will just appear crazy by not doing this with you.


Sign up today to engage with us to help you sell more social media services today, or reach out to our team to talk more about this by clicking on the “Contact” link at the top of this page.

What are “Sales Email Swipes” in this offer?

Swipes are a marketing term that indicates you can swipe something easily.  In this case we have created a series of social marketing emails to help you sell social media / social marketing services to businesses and potential clients.  We have partnered with a professional sales team to develop these very compelling marketing  emails to help you grow your social media business.

You customize this content any way you see fit, or simply copy/paste these and send them directly out to businesses in your area.

These will all be available to download from your account once you log into your paid account.

Yes, they are AWESOME!

How many can I get?

You can get up to 10 social media makeovers monthly as long as your account is in good standing.   You can order additional makeovers if you have additional ones you would like to do for only $25/ea. your cost.


What is this “professional social media sales website” in this offer?

Check out an example of a localized professional social media sales website here that is built for Birmingham, Alabama:

This is a specialized sales website focused on social marketing in your city or town.  We can offer you any of the 3,500 cities in the U.S. that have a population over 15,000 people in them.  We can also build out these websites for any city/town/province in Canada, Australia, the UK, or any other country you wish.  Just let us know where you would like to have this website focused on and we’ll build it all out for you.

Because this is built for your city you will see references to your city/state on every page of this website.  It is SEO Optimized for ranking for Social Marketing and Social Media in your cities.

What If I don’t like the domain name of “”?

No problem, you can configure your site to a domain name that you own.  For a small fee, we can get your website hosted on the domain of your choice.  This will still allow us to post new content to your blog each month.  Cool eh?

I’ve notices these rank super well for the smaller cities around the larger city I live in.  Can I purchase the websites that are built for the smaller cities around my own city?

Yep, sure can as long as they are not already taken by another agency.  Just contact us using the “Plus” circle icon at the bottom right of the Social Oxygen software when you are logged into your account.  Each city is only $10/mo/location, so it’s really cheap for you to have to collect marketing leads from.

Can I customize this website?

Heck yah!  You are able to change many things in the website.  All the content is editable in WordPress, blogs as well.  You can add additional pages, Blogs and update all the content on the site.  You can have your own logos for the website as well.  You are not able to alter the general structure of the website or add new plugins etc.  This will help us maintain the integrity of the site and allow us to keep posting awesome content there for you each month.

Can I order more if I need them?

Absolutely, just click the “Plus” button on the bottom right of the screen when you are logged into your account and just let us know how many you would like.  We’ll generate a quick digital invoice and you can click to pay for these right from your email.  It’s simple and easy, and within 5 business days you will receive your complete Social Media makeover branded headers.

What are the Sales Training and Videos?

We have created a social marketing university focused on skills, tactics and strategies on how to market, sell, and close new business for your social marketing companies.

Now that you can scale and be way more profitable with social media services, it’s time to re-vitalize this part of your business!   Andy Kelly a long time local marketing and social media veteran has created this Social Marketing University with some incredible ideas, insights, downloads, and all the skills you will need to find and close new social media business.

This along with our services to help you close your client on sales calls can be a great 1-2 punch to land new social media business for your agency.

You will be literally blown away by the quality of these vides, training and resources you will receive when you become a member of Social Oxygen.

What are the “Pre-built Display Advertising Banners” in this offer?

You may not know this, but another division of our company does display advertising, PPC, and Facebook marketing for clients.  We currently manage well over a quarter million dollars in ad spend each month for our clients.

We have built a couple of sets of display advertising banners to help you with retargeting, or display advertising for your social media services to potential businesses.  These banners are amazing and we also provide the photoshop originals so you can tweak them to your heart’s delight.  Cool eh?

You haven’t heard of Traffic Oxygen? …

You can contact us anytime if you would like a deep discount to our Traffic Oxygen product (available to paid members of Social Oxygen).  Just contact us inside the system or click the “Contact” link at the top of this page for more information about this.

BTW, if you are not doing retargeting on your own website…you’re missing out on a great opportunity to stay in front of your potential clients that are checking you out.  They can see your marketing services in action as they surf the Internet after they visit your website.


How long does it take?

Our designers will need up to 5 business days to complete your banners.  We try and get these done same-day whenever possible, but sometimes we get very busy with a lot of orders and it may take several days longer.  We get these done as quickly as possible.

How does this American Express Travel Card work?

Yes, these savings are legit.  We personally have used this to save hundreds off our travel costs for business trips we have taken.

Savings Credits are a form of payment that you can use to buy down the cost of your vacation or business trip by reducing the retail cost.

We purchased these cards from American Express (AMEX) in an effort to help them get the word out about their “Privileges” travel services.   Instead of marketing head-to-head with Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline and several other “wholesale” travel services, they have partnered with us to provide to you this AMEX travel card that gives you  direct savings off the already low prices on their business travel service.

Visit their website here for more details:

AMEX guarantees the best prices on their travel services.  Their prices are usually exactly the same as the other big travel sites, (we tested this for our own travel) and you can apply the “savings credits” to these already low prices to save even more.

You will earn $100 in savings credits just by signing up, and then another $500 when you become a premium member of Social Oxygen.

Now you can travel at the most competitive rates with the World’s most trusted business credit card company, American Express.

P.S. you can combine American Express Membership Rewards points with Privileges Savings Credits for even more savings.  This is a great service, and we use it ourselves for all of our own business and personal travel!

  • Basic
    $12.97/ Monthly
    • 1 Projects unlimited posting (add more anytime)
    • FREE Monthly Social Media promotional Social Content (To help you promote your new social media services)
    • FREE Monthly SEO promotional Social Content (To help you promote your new SEO services)
    • Wholesale Access Price to Over 2.500 pieces of social media content.
    • Done For You social media at wholesale pricing starting at only $75/mo. for custom social media content
    • Access to over 75 pre-written social media categories with monthly content starting at only $47/mo.
    • All content customized to your customers (or yourself if you are using it to promote your own agency)
    • NEW - Instagram direct posting
    • Post Unlimited content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Tumblr.
    • Approval management from your clients for all custom content (see details)