Our Special Launch Offer
Get $5,915 worth of marketing and content for only $697
(plus get a $297 AMEX Travel Card .. while supplies last)

See the details for each of the items you receive when you purchase the special launch offer.  This is a tremendous value for any agency who is serious about getting their social media done for their clients.

  • 3 Projects

    This means you can manage three projects for different clients at the same time. Each project has 9 Social media accounts that you can connect. This includes unlimited posting, unlimited template creation, and unlimited use of the Curation tool. You can add as many new products as you like one at a time starting at only $10/each and pricing is reduced the more you use. Its our “only pay for what you use” pricing model.

  • Over 1,300 pieces of social media content ($1,500 value)

    We have prepared over 1,000 pieces of professional social media content in over 10 markets for you to immediately use. Don't see your market in this list? No problem, you can add your own vertical market and get fresh monthly content curated and written by your professional social media staff for a small fee.

  • 5 Social Media Makeovers per month ($225 value)

    This means that all those old ugly images that are on the social media channels can get updated with fresh modern beautiful header images that are all branded and matching across all the social media channels. This is unlimited so you can offer these to potential clients as a foot-in-the door strategy.

  • Our sales staff will close your deals for you! (priceless)

    Not good at closing deals? No worries we are, and when you bring a client to us, we will close them on whichever social media package you would like. If we close a deal, you will be charged a one time $50 fee. If we don't close the deal, you pay nothing.

  • Approval management from your clients for all custom content ($20/mo. value)

    When you do social media for clients, they almost always ask to approve the content before you post it. We will take care of all of the approvals, re-write rejected content, and publish these at no extra cost when purchasing any custom content.

  • Professional Social Media Sales Website ($1,200 value)

    We will provide you with a full featured Social Media Marketing sales website. This website is optimized for your city and state. If in another country we will customize this for you. We will add your company logo to this website, add your email to the contact / order forms, and you can even use a custom domain that you own for a small $45 fee. Additional websites for different or surrounding cities can be purchased for only $25/mo each. Just contact us for details.

  • Sales Email Swipes ($150 value)

    Email swipes are pre-written sales emails to help you sell your social media packages. We have an entire sales funnel created for you to use.

  • Pre-Built Social Media Facebook Campaign ($150 value)

    We have a fully documented campaign to help you advertise to get new social media customers using Facebook marketing.

  • Free Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaign Management ($350 value)

    This means we will connect to your Facebook account (or we can use ours for you) and manage any Facebook marketing campaigns for social media products. All you need to do is pay for ad spend at any level you choose.

  • Pre-Built Display Advertising banners ($150 value)

    We have created a whole set of display advertising and retargeting banners focused on social media sales. You will get your set of 9 display ads immediately when you sign up.

  • Free Display Advertising and Retargeting Management for all campaigns ($350/mo value)

    Want to do Display Advertising or Retargeting? With this purchase you will also receive a free subscription to Traffic Oxygen (https://trafficoxygen.com) and we will manage all of your projects for you. Your only cost is the ad spend.

  • Pre-Built PPC Campaigns ($450 value)

    We have a documented PPC campaign you will receive when ordering. This will save you a ton of time doing the keyword research, figuring out ad groups, campaigns, and ads.

  • Free PPC Social Media Marketing Management ($350 value)

    Not comfortable with running an Adwords campaign? No worries, our Adwords certified PPC specialists will run these social media campaigns for you at no cost.

  • Sales Training and Videos ($300 value)

    We have created the Social Oxygen University for you to learn how to better sell social media services. Get everything you need to develop a great sales process to consistently bring in new business. Remember you can even have us close the deals for you.

  • Pre-Built Display Advertising banners ($150 value)

    We have created a whole set of display advertising and retargeting banners focused on social media sales. You will get your set of 9 display ads immediately when you sign up.

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