Chris OrmistonLead Programmer and Local Marketing Expert


Chris started out his career in e-commerce and attracted a new company named “Google” when they were first getting started.  Chris was driving a massive amount of traffic to one of his e-commerce sites and Google decided to put his website on “human review”, which meant they were watching it 24/7 on monitors in their office as they built out their initial search algorithms.  After a year of building their algorithms off of Chris’s websites, Google finally left him alone and Chris was able to build a boutique SEO firm which served clients all around the world.  He and his partner Ian Rakow ranked for some of the most competitive keywords in the world.

Later, Chris began to focus on local marketing and social media.  Chris’s enthusiasm for building up these smaller companies led to he and Andy Kelly to build processes to perform local marketing and social media marketing for companies .

Social Oxygen is Chris and Andy’s latest software release which came about because of the total frustration using the existing social media platforms currently on the market.  Either they were too expensive to serve local businesses with their limited budgets, or they were too limited in scope and functionality.  This gave way to Social Oxygen being built for our own agency, and now being released to the general public so they can enjoy better social marketing tools as well.

Chris is a consultant and public speaker who has been on stage in front of thousands of marketing professionals training them cutting edge strategies and techniques to help them server their clients and their own businesses better.


1999-2003 Intel Corporation – Programmer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Security Engineer
2003-2011 Cyberactive Marketing – SEO and Local Marketing
2013 Local Oxygen goes public (For ranking local businesses organically)
2011 Chris begins speaking internationally to marketing professionals.
2015 Traffic Oxygen goes public (Display Advertising and Retargeting “Done-With-You” Software
2017 Social Oxygen goes public (Social Media Management)


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