Nicole AndelfingerSocial Media Manager


Nicole has been working with us for over 7 years now.  She started off as a junior member of the social media team.  However her skills and leadership has earned her a position as our Social Media Manager where she manages other employees and manages the social media marketing for dozens of clients each month.

Nicole has the essential skills of a great social media manager.  She is great at strategy and sees the “big picture” and how search, content, and social media all work together.  He is able to define the audience and knows what platforms help companies scale their audiences.  She knows the tools to accomplish the complicated process of building “social at scale”.

Tactics and Execution have always been something that is paramount in Nicole’s social media plans.  This is critical and her attention to detail and ability to know which social media employee is right for each job has been a good match for companies.

Social media has always been about creating, observing and responding to conversations within the brand that they are working for.  This community they build for each company is what makes the difference for those who visit and learn about these companies through social media.  Monitoring tweets, responding to Facebook, Google+ and other posts really engage with the customers and build loyalty.  This also helps with protecting against negative feedback to resolve issues before they become out of control.

Nicole’s creative mindset has always been a great asset to balance out the hard tactics.  Her understanding of the creative process really allows her to create engaging content that connects with customers and touches not only their minds, but their hearts.

Nicole is always on top of the digital trends and is in tune with the rise of mobile, the emergence of “pay to play” with Facebook reducing it’s organic reach, and the rise of visual marketing channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to provide a visual representation of the company.

Nicole has been instrumental in the building of Social Oxygen and has been a great sounding board on how it can help her do her job better, and how other social media experts can do their jobs better as well.


Contact Information:

Office: 1-888-755-4409

Email: [email protected]