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Your social media is in shambles and you are growing. It just isn't working! You are tired of:
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Thanks To Social Oxygen!

Social Nirvana

Your social media has never been so easy or so fun! You are now able to:

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Thanks to Social Oxygen! 

Providing value to businesses with smart, data driven social media strategies.


We did a study from the 800 agencies we work with and found several consistent issues that kept small businesses and agencies from posting social media as often as they would have liked. We listed these below in no particular order.


Small businesses and agencies indicated that they had a hard time finding the right person to write good social media content that was engaging and appropriate.  Either the agency was not big enough to have a full time social media manager, or they had difficulty finding a social media agency they felt they could afford to do this for them.  The tools they had were simply not enough.

Our Solution: We created a list of 15+ vertical markets that had 3 months of pre-written content that is personalized to your company automatically. If your company does not fit into one of these standard vertical niches, no problem, we can create custom content for your vertical market for as little as $47/mo. This is delivered, sent for approval to you (or your customer if you are an agency) and published according to your calendar. Problem solved!


Many agencies and businesses were not sure how often and what times to publish their content.  For some, they hesitated or even stopped publishing because they didn’t want to upset their visitors by publishing too much.  There are so many channels, and etiquette on each one is very different. Our Solution: Create pre-built publishing calendars that are based off of large scale studies that publish the right content at the right times and in the right amount. These calendars are data driven, proven, and push-button simple to use.


Curating content is the process of gathering information around a particular topic. In our case getting good ideas on what to write about in our social media. Things that are trending, that are interesting to our customers, and that will make them want to come back for more! Without sophisticated tools, this can be difficult. Agencies and businesses alike complained about running out of ideas after as little as one month. Our Solution: We created a simple to use curation tool that goes out and looks at what others are posting related to your market. This can then be easily updated and placed into your pool of content to be used anytime in the future. This really simplifies the process of getting new and interesting ideas on a regular basis. For a small fee, we’ll even do this for you each month. Problem Solved!


We were not surprised to learn that other agencies had as hard of a time as we did getting usernames, passwords, and accounts connected so we could publish social media on their behalf.  We sometimes found the customers would take a month or longer just to find and send over the account information.  This caused grief on both sides and a lot of lost time and hassle.  Other agencies experience the same issues. To make it worse, if you log into someone else’s Facebook account from another location, it can get the account blocked and locked out. Our Solution: We created a unique “self approval” process that the customers can use to authenticate their own accounts instead of sending over usernames and passwords. No more password juggling. Problem solved!

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We heard a lot of complaints about how long it takes to set up a good social media plan, to get everything approved and then published. This can take hours perhaps days for more sophisticated social media plans. Who has that kind of time? Our Solution: We built a process where you can build and schedule a sophisticated social media plan built on great analytics in 5 minutes or less (provided the content is available). First you choose which content pieces you want to include, second you select which calendar template to use to publish the content, then you click a button to send the content out for approval. Done! Even better .. the following month keeps these settings and you only need to send out the content for approval the next month. This couldn’t be more fun…or easy! Problem Solved!


Agencies and Businesses both indicated they wanted to stay closer to their audience, but didn’t have time to keep checking all their social media accounts on a regular basis to see if anyone commented on a post or asked a question.  Some agencies had tools to do this, but most didn’t surprisingly. Our Solution: We built an engagement tool that allows an agency or business to see all the comments and questions in one place, much like the email programs we are all used to already. Just “answer the emails” or respond to the comments and questions and you’re done. Problem Solved!


Be a hero to your company today by using our professional and powerful, but easy to use tools to turn your social media tornados into a breeze with Social Oxygen! Give it a try below, you can sign up with confidence knowing we always have our 30-Day money back guarantee if you are not totally delighted.

I realized quickly I was working too hard in my other system when I set up a 3-month campaign for one of my clients in Social Oxygen in less than 10 minutes.  Unbelievable!  I feel like I can manage twice as many clients and still serve them all very well!  I just basically doubled my revenue with Social Oxygen.

– SHIREE L. – Social Media Consultant

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We are a team of professional social media strategists.

Who We Are

Our Social Oxygen management team is a strong set of professionals who have been in the social media and social marketing business for over a decade.  The talent behind this product has been marketing for local businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies since 1998.  Let our team of analysts, strategists, and professional US Based content writers work for you too. Read Bios.

  • Andy Kelly Social Media Strategist

    Andy (co-owner of Social Oxygen) is a professional content writer and social media strategist.  His expertise lies in writing compelling and engaging content.  He uses a wonderful mix of humor to really engage customers.

  • Nicole Andelfinger Social Media Manager

    Nicole has been working with us for over 7 years now.  She started off writing for us, then moved into her current role as Social Media Manager where she manages other employees to market for dozens of clients each month.

  • Michelle Ormiston Content Manager

    Michelle has been with us for 10 years as a content writer and is now our content manager.  She oversees a team of U.S. based writers to produce content for our clients each month.

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