We create your content for you.  You have several options on how this is done, but each is flexible and the content is compelling to engage your audience.

Content is tough to get right, but our highly advance content creation processes and/or our AI content creation processes are unbelieveable.   The content written for you is personalized, promotional, engaging, and taylored to your specific business.

Content Approval

Whether you are an agency or a social media manager for your company, you often need to get an “approval” from someone else before you can publish the content.  This can be very difficult to write, package it up to send to this person, then have them request changes and updates, then you have to get it back into the system to publish.


Now you simply click a button and an email is sent to your customer (or boss) and they are notified content is ready for them to look over and approve.  They are also notified by email that if they don’t review this in 15 days, it gets automatically approved so you can keep moving forward on the project. (3 additional reminders are sent just to make sure … )  They can then approve, update the content, or reject each piece individually, or approve them all with 2 clicks.  Fast simple and easy.

Oh and by the way…once they are approved, they automatically get scheduled based on your publishing calendar.  No more double entry!

When Should I Share Content?

The timing and frequency of content sharing can often be puzzling, leaving individuals uncertain about when and how often they should publish their social media. Some may even be hesitant to post at all for fear of overwhelming or upsetting their audience with too much content.

Navigating multiple social media channels can be challenging, given that each platform has its unique set of social etiquette. However, we simplify this process by providing you with ready-made publishing calendars. These calendars are formulated based on extensive research, fine-tuned using machine learning, and tailored to ensure your content is distributed at the optimal times and in the right quantities for your company’s needs.


Connecting your accounts is a piece of cake.  With most platforms, it’s just a few clicks to approve us posting content to your channel and you’re done.

Agencies who use our software will be pleased to learn that there is no longer any need to get usernames or passwords from their clients.  With juse a couple clicks, they can send a connection request to their clients so their clients can connected this themselves with just a couple of clicks.

Either way, the customer is always in control of their own social media accounts.

Content Categories

Ok, so you have a bunch of content for next month. How do you keep it organized?  No worries, each piece of content is categorized automatically as you input or create it.  You can easily keep track of how many items have already been posted and how many new ones you have created for the month.


It takes expertise and quite a bit of thought and planning to set up a good social media campaign. This can take hours perhaps days for more sophisticated social media plans.

Who has that kind of time? 

We have built a process where you can build and schedule a sophisticated social media plan built on great analytics in 5 minutes or less (provided the content is available).  Even better .. the following month keeps these settings. This couldn’t be more easy…or fun! Problem Solved!

Calendar Campaign Templates

Knowing when and which channels to publish your content on can be daunting and extremely time consuming.  No More!

We have created several pre-built publishing templates for different types of companies.  We even have a template that is created based on the best times to publish on every social media platform so it can get the highest level of visibility and engagement.

You can even create your own custom calendar campaign templates customized to your specific needs.  This is especially helpful if you are an agency that offers different levels of social media posting at different price points.

Multiple Projects or Companies?

If you are a busy agency, a franchise, or a direct marketer that works on many projects, you are going to love this.  Put all your projects into Social Oxygen and invite team members to work on only their projects.

When you build or buy custom content, you are able to smartly re-use all this content for all the projects in the same vertical market.  We have included the use of short codes (that look like this [company name]) which substitute that short code for the actual company name when it is assigned to the calendar.  That way you can customize each post to the company it’s going to be used for.  Cool eh?

Work With A Team?

Do you works as a team to manage your social media?  Awesome! We have you covered.  Add as many members as you wish.  You can assign specific projects to one or many team members, and can assign different roles to each team member individually.  Some could be administrators, and others restricted to just project management, or even just content creators.

Need some help from of our client success coaches as part of your team?  We have you covered there as well.  In our advanced plan, you will have access to a client success coach to help you with anything you might need.

White Label or Private Branding

Agencies greatly appreciate the option of hosting this solution on their domain, ensuring their brand identity remains intact for their clients.

In cases where connecting to a custom domain isn’t feasible, we provide a generic domain to showcase your reports, manage social content approvals, and facilitate communication with your customers.

Additionally, we employ the handle “Social Portal Pro” for a generic and consistent presence, ensuring that neither you nor your clients are inundated with our branding throughout the process.


Be a hero to your company today by using our professional and powerful, but easy to use tools to turn your social media tornados into a breeze with Social Oxygen!

Give it a try below, you can sign up with confidence knowing we always have our 30-Day money back guarantee if you are not totally delighted.