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Increase Your Profits!

We reluctantly gave up over 200 SEO Clients last year to 100% focus on social media clients.  Our profits skyrocketed and we ended up at a whopping 87% profit ratios compared with our 14% profit ratios for SEO clients.

Our lives are much more simple now, and our finances are strong.  We will never be going back.  Let us show you how you can boost your bottom line revenues using social media as an offering.

More Projects Per Employee

Before we wrote this software our social media managers were able to manage 4-6 clients each.  After they designed this software, and it was built, they are now able to manage between 45-60 accounts each.

They are also happier and more fulfulled because this allows them to have time to collaborate with each other about strategy and content creation in addition to managing their clients.

This can be your experience as well.  Give it a try today and make sure to book a session with one of our social media managers to see how this has transformed their work.

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splet99 mobilna verzija

Automation & Customization

While automation is super cool, sometimes you may just want to customize everything.  The content, images, scheduling, etc .. We got you covered!

Social Oxygen is can be almost 100% hands free, or 100% hands on.  You have as much control as you need to produce world-class social media.

Get The 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing to Skyrocket Your Engagement.

…And Turn Clicks in to Customers!